Sidhe language

Sidhe linguist ♦ Heroic tier feat

Prerequisite: Int 13.

Benefit: You can speak the Sidhe spoken and sign languages fluently, albeit with an obvious accent. The Sidhe language may not be chosen as an additional language at character creation or by taking the Linguist feat.

The Sidhe language has both a spoken form (with an associated written alphabet) and an elaborate sign language.

The spoken form of Sidhe is extremely rarely used and is primarily reserved for ritual. It is forbidden for aos sidhe to speak any language, including Sidhe, for any reason other than ritual—an aos sidhe who speaks outside of ritual is considered bean sidhe. For some aos sidhe, such as diplomatic ambassadors, it can be considered honorable to accept that sacrifice for the sake of the sidhe as a whole. There is less stigma attached to daoine sidhe and cait sidhe who choose to speak, but speaking out loud is generally considered to be vulgar at best by the sidhe.

It is much more common for sidhe to communicate by means of an elaborate sign language. Posture, facial expression, and the position of all parts of a person’s body are used for communication among the sidhe. Two sidhe may walk past each other and, without slowing their speed or making any overt motions, communicate as much to each other as most languages would convey in a 5-minute-long conversation.

Sidhe language

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